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ICCR Scholarships

The Scheme is sponsored by the Indian Council for cultural Relations (ICCR), an autonomous body under administrative control of Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. The nodal agency for administering the scheme from the Afghan side is the Ministry of Higher Education. The selection Criterion is determined by the Afghan Commission for Distribution of Scholarship comprising representatives from Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Higher Education, Education and Economy.

Under the Scheme, a total of 1,000 scholarships are offered to Afghan nationals pursue undergraduate, postgraduate and a Ph.D. courses through Indian Universities.

Courses offered:

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, History, Political Science, Geography, Philosophy, English, Sociology, Psychology, Mathematics and Anthropology.

Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Zoolog, Botany and Computer Science.B.Tech( Civil, Electrical Mechanical, B.E  ( Civil Engg , IT Engg, Computer  Engg) etc.

Bachelor of Commerce /BBA in Business Administration, BBM ( IB )

Post Graduate: 

Master of Arts in Economics, History, Political Science, Geography, Philosophy, English, Sociology, Psychology, Mathematics and Anthropology

Master of Science in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Zoology, Botany,  Computer Science. ME ( Civil ) Water Resource Management , M.E. ( Civil/ Transportation Engg) ,M.E. ( Environmental Management) , M.E. ( Information & Technology ) , M.E. ( Electronics &Commun ) , M.E. ( Civil Engg / Structural Eng) etc.

Master of Commerce /MBA in Business Administration and LLM in Law.

Ph.D in non-controversial subjects such as Finance, Economics, Education, Agriculture, Pol. Sc. etc. 

Terms and Conditions: 

The Scholarship Scheme covers tuition fees, accommodation and provides a limited living allowance. Air fare is to be borne by the students themselves.

Medical Reimbursement under the Scheme:  In case of illness, students should first visit the University/institute’s clinic for treatment. The students may subsequently visit a government hospital or a private hospital on the CGHS/University’s panel with the written recommendation of University’s Medical officer, and only if that particular Medical treatment or procedure is unavailable in the University clinic 

Procedure for application: 

All applications are to be made to the Foreign Relations Department, Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan.
Ministry of Higher Education chooses candidates as per their rules and regulations.

Applications of selected candidates are forwarded to ICCR, New Delhi for their admission in various Universities in India after due scrutiny at the Consulate General of India, Mazar-e-Sharif.

Scholarship under the Scheme of "Propagation of Hindi Abroad"

Under this programme, scholarships are offered to Afghan nationals at Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Agra, the biggest international centre of Hindi teaching in the world where foreign students are given training in Hindi teaching through modern techniques by well-qualified teachers.

ICCR Special Scholarship Scheme in the field of Dance, Music and Fine Arts:

Under this programme, there is no quota of scholarship slots earmarked for any country. However, depending upon the vacancies in scholarships, 1-2 deserving candidates are considered for learning dance, music and fine arts. The duration of such courses is one year. Apart from Universities, these courses are also available at Institutes/Organizations empanelled by ICCR for learning dance/music/fine arts etc. The terms and conditions remain the same as that for ICCR Special Scholarship Scheme.


Note:   The interested candidates are requested to achieve adequate level of English Proficiency before applying for above mentioned Scholarship Schemes as Medium of Instruction in India is English.

Contact details from Indian Side:

Sl.No.Contact PointContact PersonPhone NumberEmail
1.Embassy of India,
Malalai Watt,
Interior Ministry Road, Kabul
Third Secretary (EDU)
2.Consulate General of India,
Mr. Kumar Gaurav,
Consul General
3.Consulate General of India,
IIaka No. 2 Habibad,
Mr. ShriDhirendra Singh,
Consul General
4.Consulate General of India,
Heart Road, Kandahar
Mr. M.S. Bhandari,
Consul General,
5.Consulate General of India,
Almas Wedding Hall,
Mr. Manjish Grover,
Consul General

Contact details from Afghan Side:

Sl.NoContact PointContact PersonPhone NumberEmail
1.Ministry of Higher
Education, Kabul
Prof. Dr. NafisaNasiri,
Director, Cultural &
Foreign Relations
2.Ministry of Higher
Education, Kabul
In-Charge of
Post- Graduate
3.Ministry of Higher
Education, Kabul
In-Charge of
Under Graduate
4.Embassy of India,
Programme Assistant
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