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Security Advisory of Indian Nationals Residing in Afghanistan.

  • The security situation in Afghanistan remains highly volatile and unpredictable. There may be further enhancement in violence in the coming fighting season from multiple terrorist outfits operating in Afghanistan.  Hence more attacks can be expected in Kabul and other cities against government installations as well as foreigner’s locations in future.
  • In view of the heightened threats, all Indian citizens are advised to exercise strict vigilance and caution with regard to security at workplace and place of residence as also during movement in the city. Avoid non-essential movements especially during peak commuting hours as Insurgents may target the military convoys, Afghan Govt. Ministries/ offices, high ranking officials, Law enforcing agencies, International Guest Houses/Hotels/ Compounds, Airports, vehicles carrying Afghan Govt. officials etc. Any outside movement may please be made as minimum as possible and as discrete as humanly possible. Knowledge of arrival/ departure should be shared only on need to know basis. Movement should not have a predictable pattern and timing and routes taken should be changed to maintain the elements of surprise. Please be vigilant regarding any monitoring of your movements.
  • Please ensure arrangement of the proper security and safe house at the workplace and residence. However in case of any requirements/ assistance, the concerned Police district may be requested to provide immediate security assistance. Please keep the contact number of nearest PS in readiness to contact in any case of emergency.
  • Travelling outside the main cities should only be undertaken by air as most roads are unsafe and prone to attacks and illegal check posts put up by militants.
  • Kidnapping has become a normal tactics of different terrorists and criminal groups and there have been inputs/incidences of kidnapping of members of International community. Therefore there should be no outside movements during odd hours without Armed Guard. Visit of unknown areas should be avoided.
  • Kindly also remain in contact with the Consulate/Embassy (WhatsApp No. +93-706131611) and your other colleagues as well as keep following the mass media to be aware of any untoward happening in the surroundings having bearing on security.
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